Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Table Saw Shenanigans

Character Description
The main character is a little girl (Sally). She is an accident prone child. During the film she will look happy, possible to the point where it gets a bit creepy. This might make the audience feel uncomfortable but she'll still keep there attention. She will be wearing short to show off her legs possible sandals. On her legs there will be scars/bandages or both. She wont look damaged but cute. She looks cute as if nothing could happen to her. Sally like to explore places that most wouldn't dare. Her favorite color is yellow which relates to her happy personality. Her parents are oblivious of her and her actions. She is adventures known for getting herself in bad situations but making it out okay, damage fiscally but it dose not stop her.

The environment would be a empty looking room with a saw station in it. The room would be kind of big for such a small machine. There would possible be some pipes or a belt that takes things that are sawed to another area. I want the colors to look a bit dark in contrast to the little girl who will be perky and bright. The saw will look shiny to grab the girls attention. The entire machine could be rusty, clean, sparkly, or a mix.

One Liner

This story is about a little girl on a trip that involves both table saws and candy.

The story stats off at the saw factory there could be an outside shot then it goes to a picture of a door way and pans in. You see a guy at a table saw called Candy Cane Joe. He has two name tags to fit his entire name. He looks a bit shady. He picks up a large oversized candy cane to show how the saw works. He pushes a button and the machine turns on. He take the candy cane and saws it in half. He then does one of three tings. 1.Grabs one of the pieces and devours it in one bite for example people who swallow swords. Puts them onto a conveyer belt and they go out of the room and he leaves. Or after doing so he picks a small piece up off saw that was left behind after he put the 2 large pieces onto a conveyer belt and eats it (a piece that got shredded and left behind). After this he leaves and the tour group fallows.
No one notices that Lucy did not go with the group. It then shows her looking into the room , leaning in, holding onto the door frame. She leans in locking eyes with the shinny saw he eyes widen. She notices on it that there is a piece of candy left stuck to the saw blade. She looks around to make sure no one is there before tiptoeing into the room. Once in the room she pauses then walks over to the saw. The saw table is bigger then her so she struggles to get up on the machine. She climes onto the conveyer belt and then using her strength pulls herself onto the machine.
She is breathing heavy with her eyes still open. She is now sitting on the machine. She tilts her head at the saw her eyes widen again still breathing heavy she cracks a big creepy smile. She blinks her eyes rapidly and stops breathing heavy. Adjusting herself she gets on her knees and hand and crawls to the saw. She pauses once she gets to the saw blade. You see her reflection in the saw blade and it cuts to her face. Her jaw has dropped and she bites her lip. As she leans in she opens her mouth and eyes wide sticking her tong out far. Just as she is about to put her tong on the piece of candy her hand or foot manages to trigger the saw.
The saw spins her eyes go wide and she loses her smile and she starts to fall down. The next shot could be a shadow shot showing her hit the saw being torn in half blood flies at the wall. The next shot would be one of two things. 1. the body flops onto the conveyer belt and she goes with it. Or it would just show the knee down getting pushed into the next room from the conveyer belt. Then it goes to pitch black on to the screen walks Sally. She would be stapled, tapped, some how put back together happy smiling and running. She would ether run across the screen and sit down or get so far and stands around till the credits are done and falls apart again.

New Ending
When she goes in to lick the candy on the saw her foot hits the saw table trigger. You hear a scream the lights go out or flash. When the lights go back on you see that there is a large rat inf rot of her. When the lights when out she licked that rat that caused her to scream and was beaten to the candy.

9- Presentations
23- Sally Modeled (10 hours)
30-Candy Cane Joe Modeled (10 hours)
7- Environment Modeled (8 hours)
14- Textured Environment (10 hours)
21- Retopo Character1 (6 hours)
29- Retopo Character2 + Rat Modeled (model 7 hours)(retopo 3 hours)
18-Blend shapes (8 hours)
25-No Class
2-Rigs (7 hours)
9- Weight Maps (forever!!)
16-Presentations (3 hours)

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